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News Update 30th June

Waltham Chase Trials MCC – Events Update

Friday 10th July - Cadnam - Lads and Dads Practice Trial 2.00 pm. To 7.30pm,

Saturday 11th July – Adult and Youth – Practice Trial – 2.00pm

Sunday 12th July – Adult and Youth – Practice Trial - 11.00am

All three events are now available to enter via the ACU 0n-line Entry system, where the “regs” can be found.

The “Club’s” own entry system was set up as a short-term fix, and still required paper entry forms. The forms from last weekend are still in the box and will not be sorted until late today to make sure they are Cobid-19 “safe”, and then there is a trip to the bank as well!

For these reasons we will switch to the ACU process. After you have used it once it is easy for all!

If you experience any problems entering through this system please advise by email, and we will resolve.

Just a reminder that currently all events, including practice, pre-entry only.


Friday 17th July - Hut Hill Working Party – Volunteers required. Any time between 2.00pm to 8.00pm. We need help to secure an illegal entry route, have a general tidy up, and clear some new sections.

Tools such as strimmer’s, saws, or scythes to clear bracken required – and gloves. It would be good if you could bring one rubbish sack to fill and take home to lose with your home waste.

If you can help, please advise by email, advising what time you will arrive.

 A maximum of about 20 would be enough otherwise we may get in each other’s way!

(We will then be able to confirm the first Hut Hill date)


Sunday 26th July – The Keith Marshall Trophy – Woodberry, Lane Rowlands Castle. 11.00am

This is our first “scoring trial with a full complement of “Observers” now signed up.

The Keith Marshall is for adults only  with classes for:

Pre 65 B, Pre65 C, Pre 65 D, T/S B, T/S C ,T /S D,  Rigid D, Air Cooled Mono B, Air Cooled Mono C,

Over 60‘s on Modern Machine B,  Over 60‘s on Modern Machine C

This is the only Trial where we use the Non-Stop rule TSR22B. A copy will be sent to all riders and Observers with the final instructions.

The entry will open later this week.  Under current ACU rules this trial is only open to Waltham Chase MCC members.

If you have friends who would like to ride, Club Memmberships are available at a reduced rate of £10.00 for the rest of the year, but will give the opportunity to ride in at least another 10 practice sessions and Trials.

Entry will only be available through the ACU portal.

When entering any Practice Sessions or Trials please be aware that there are currently no toilet facilities.

We have at least 12 more dates in the calendar, and will confirm dates and venues ASAP,

Fingers crossed – one of the “Trials“ will be held at a new venue.