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AGM Minutes 2016

Minutes of 2016 AGM

The AGM was held at the Ship Inn, Redbridge on 19t October 2016 with 19 members in attendance.

Chairman’s Report

2016 was a busy year for Waltham Chase MCC, made possible with the support and dedication of a team of dedicated committee members.

No committee members expressed a desire to retire their current post so there were no officer’s vacancies, however we do want other members to become involved with the running of events marking out and carrying out other tasks.

By way of example Ian Bird compiles the club championship tables and Andy Withers has written TMX reports for some events and provided some excellent photos of riders.

Waltham Chase currently has 190 named family members, 8 less than in 2015.

In 2016 our routes have been made more rider friendly which has pleased many, but has resulted in some very low scores and ties.

In the last 12 months Waltham Chase has held a total of 22 trials, a Camping Weekend, a quiz night, an “Awards Presentation”, displayed at Netley Marsh Country Fair, and two practice days.  

The Trials included new events, the Keith Marshall Classic, The Coby Cup and the Alan Samson Trial at Langrish.

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This year the Camping Weekend, held for a third year at Cadnam, attracted over 70 campers, including some from outside of the Centre, who all enjoyed two days’ sport, the “Bike Off” along with the now infamous BBQ and campfire sing song.

The 2017 Camping Weekend is already being planned, again at Cadnam, with a new “theme” already being planned by Mo and Sue.

The problem of finding “observers” has continued to be an issue throughout 2016, and we hope to come up with some solutions at the AGM. Observing can be a thankless task so let’s do all we can to look after the volunteers.

Sam, our mobile caterer, has kept us well fed and watered throughout 2016 and will be attending our full day events in 2017.

There will be no catering at Saturday afternoon Trials – unless we confirm to the contrary on the website.

Waltham Chase will remain affiliate to the ACU in 2017

The Club will adopt “Stop Allowed” rules at all future events.


Financial Report

The key elements from the 2016 accounts are



  • Total income:                                                £ 22,676.47
  • Total expenditure:                                       £ 21,823.03
  • Operating surplus                                        £   853.44

 The surplus will help fund activities such as the Awards Presentation and act as a buffer

againce increased costs and unexpected expenses.It was also agreed to purchase a new generator for use in the "Caravan"


The major items of income were Entry Fees (£17,352.00) and Memberships (£2,610.00)

The major items of expenditure were: ACU and Insurance payments (£7,586.50), Land (£3,083.00), Observers expenses (£2,949.00) and Awards (£1,520.00)

We have spent £700.00 on equipment for the Load Lugger including glazing, flooring, fittings and electrics and propose to upgrade our generator this season.

Charity donations totalling £1300.00 were made to the ACU Ben Fund, Muscular Dystrophy, and Cancer funds. We have a sum still to allocate from the Coby Cup.

In summary, Waltham Chase MCC is financially secure, with reserve funds of £6,846.30 held in the Nationwide Treasurers Trust deposit account to cover emergencies and exceptional situations. This is not an ideal place to keep our cash, however there is nowhere else we can invest to secure any reasonable return.


Election of Waltham Chase Club Officials for 2017

Having received no resignations from existing officers the election of Officials for 2017 was a formality.

The 2017 Committee were confirmed as:


  • Hon Chairperson                                              Mike Wiseman
  • OTC Trials Organisers                                      Mike Wiseman 
  • Youth and Wobblers Organiser                     Steve Earle
  • Closed to Club Trials Organiser                     Mike Wiseman
  • Awards Presentation and Awards                Sue Saunders
  • Minutes Secretary                                           Maureen Latham
  • Club Secretary                                                  Mike Wiseman
  • Treasurer                                                           Mike Wiseman (Open Book)
  • Membership Secretary                                   Sue Saunders
  • Child Protection                                               Zoe Earle, Helene Shergold    
  • Environmental Officer                                    Gareth Plews
  • Netley Marsh Coordinator                             Steve Earle
  • Clerks of Course                                               Tony Billingham, Bill Latham, Gary Blackmore,

 Steve Earle, Steve Shergold,


  • Technical Official                                              Bill Latham, Steve Shergold, Steve Earle 


  • Committee                                                         All aboveplus Pete Brown and John Denham



Nominations for the positions of additional Clerks of Course and Technical Officers were sought and the ACU are to be asked for seminar dates.


Fees and Concessions for 2017

As a result of the Club being financially secure no increases were proposed, with the following fees and payments confirmed for 2017


  • Club Membership        Single Member                                         £15.00   
  • Club Membership        Family       Membership                           £20.00
  • CTC Adult Entry                                                                                 £15.00   
  • CTC Youth Entry                                                                                £  5.00 
  • OTC Adult Entry                                                                                £20.00  
  • OTC Youth Entry                                                                               £10.00   
  • Senior member(Over 65) concession                                           £10.00 
  • CTC – Observer                                                                                 £15.00 
  • OTC – Observer                                                                                £ 20.00
  • Youth and Wobblers or Beginners Observer                               No Payment made