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News Update 1st March


Confirmation, Round 2 of the Club Championship will take place tomorrow, the 4th March at Hut Hill.

Start time is 10.30,

There are 10 sections marked out and we will confirm if there are three or four laps at the start.

We have not marked out an E route as it was very slippery at 10.00 this morning, and still is, but with mud now not snow!

If any E class riders turn up they can ride the Start and End gates of the Yellow route.

However, all Youth riders must be accompanied at all times due to the slippery conditions.

All routes to Hut Hill are clear, and the entrance to the carpark has been cleared and gritted so no problems getting in.

Sam’ Catering Van will be on site serving hot and cold refreshments. Please support Sam.

Offers to Observe appreciated.

Could be a challenging day – we hope you enjoy it.

Next Waltham Chase Trial

Round 2 of the Waltham Chase Club Championship is being held at Hut Hill this Sunday, the 4th March, with a start time of 10.30am.

We have new entry forms for all events this year, which include all the ACU legal jargon. To save time on the day you can download a copy, have a read of what you are signing up to, and then complete in your best handwriting at home; it also saves us some printing costs!

Just to confirm that points from all 8 rounds “count” for the Championship and you need to ride in at least 4 rounds to qualify for an award.

Entry Fees for this series are: Adults £15.00, Seniors (Over 65) £12.00 and youth riders £8.00

Observers are paid £15.00 - £10.00 cash and a £5.00 lunch voucher for the series.

For insurance compliance we will need to see all ACU Membership Cards when you sign on.

If you do not have a licence we can issue an ACU day licence at a charge of £3.00 to enable you to ride.

Sam’s Catering will be serving hot and cold refreshments at this Trial and all Sunday events throughout 2018.