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Minutes of 2018 AGM

 Minutes of AGM - 2018


The Waltham Chase MCC was held at the Ship Inn on Tuesday 24th November 2018.

 25 members attended the meeting This being confirmed as sufficient attendance for a quorum.

Apologies were also received from ten members.

Annual Report

Thanks were extended to all who had helped in the running of the Club for the last year.

In the last 12 months the Club held a total of 25 events; 8 Club Trials, 6 Doreen Earl Series, 5 Open Trials, 4 Easy Trials and 2 practice sessions.

Overall entries were lower than the previous year, with bad weather and snow being a factor earlier in the year with one event being cancelled and more recently the wet weather has kept riders away.

It was noted that in both Championships rider numbers reduced in the later rounds.

The Camping weekend held in July was again a success, although having Father Christmas turn up in July may have confused some of our younger members.

Thanks to Mark Parry for the use of his land.

A great deal of effort was put into the Netley Marsh Display, with Andy Somerton, Dave Henbest, Paul Oliver, Steve Greenen and the Bryant family setting up and running the weekend with a good range of obstacles. However, the outcome of the weekend was disappointing with poor rider support and very low spectator interest.

As a result, it was proposed not to take part in this event in 2019.

The Club currently has 181 members, 10 less than in 2017 and 154 ACU affiliated members, 5 less than the previous year.

To secure the future of the Club we need more members to get involved and help with running events. We were not disappointed with the support offered at the AGM, with most present volunteering to “Go on the list” of helpers.

All other members are invited to volunteer to help if there is something they would like to do and are asked to register their interest either by email or when signing on.

We do need your help, please get involved for the future of the Club.

Andy Withers was thanked for his excellent event photography and for also compiling our TMX articles. It would be good if you can purchase images from Andy which helps to cover his travelling expenses.

 Finance Report

The Club is financially secure, with £2,503 in the day to day current account and £6,878.00 held in the Treasurers Trust Account.

Major income was from entry fees, £15,194.00 and memberships, £2, 415.00, with major expenditure being ACU Insurance and levies, £7,067.00, Land, £2,630.00, Observers payments of £1,867.00 and Awards £1,335.00.

The operational surplus for the period being £789.00. Added to this was a permit refund from the ACU of £600.00 making a total surplus of £1389.15. From this surplus awards or the season will be purchased along with funding for the Awards Presentation.

The Club also made various Charity donations through land use members contributions. The donations were: Muscular Dystrophy - £500.00, The ACU Ben Fund - £500.00, Parkinson’s UK £200.00, Julia’s House £250.00 and the Ballard family ran a Practice Trial in November in aid of the Gynaecological Cancer Fund which raised almost £1000.

We have some very caring and generous members supporting these less fortunate people

It is worth noting that had we had a full complement of Observers throughout the year the surplus would have been over £300.less.

For accounting purposes all Club assets are written down to “zero value”

Officers for 2019

Resignations were received from Zoe Earle and Helen Palmer.

The Committee for 2019


  • Hon Chairperson                                 Mike Wiseman
  • OTC Trials Organisers                         Mike Wiseman 
  • Summer Series Organiser                  Steve Earle
  • Closed to Club Trials Organiser         Mike Wiseman
  • Easy/Fun Trial Organiser                    Andy Somerton
  • Practice Organisers                            Ian Bird, Gareth Plews
  • Awards Presentation and Awards    Sue Saunders
  • Minutes Secretary                              Maureen Latham
  • Club Secretary                                     Mike Wiseman
  • Treasurer                                              Mike Wiseman
  • Membership Secretary                      Sue Saunders
  • Child Protection                                   Maureen Latham, Paul Oliver   
  • Environmental Officer                        Gareth Plews
  • Clerks of Course                                  Bill Latham, Mike Wiseman, Steve Ea                                                                                Andy SomertonSteve Shergold, Ian Ballard,    Gary Blackmore, Gareth Plews


  • Technical Officer                                          Steve Greenen, Bill Latham, John White,   Steve Earle
  • Additional Committee                        John Denham, Tony Billingham, Christine Hall

Andrew Bryant, Jack Bryant

Additional nominations for the positions of additional Clerks of Course and Technical Officers were sought and the ACU are to be asked for seminar dates. Nominees are:

 COC: Steve Greenen

 Technical Officer: Lloyd James, Ian Bird



Waltham Chase will remain affiliated to the ACU in 2019 and has renewed membership with the ACU.

The club will also explore any potential benefits of dual affiliation with the AMCA.

Fees and Concessions

There will be no increase to fees or concessions in 2019.


  • Club Membership        Single Member                                    £15.00  
  • Club Membership        Each additional member                    £  5.00   
  • CTC Adult Entry                                                                            £15.00
  • CTC Youth Entry                                                                           £  8.00   
  • OTC Adult Entry                                                                           £20.00     
  • OTC Youth Entry                                                                          £10.00     
  • Senior member (Over 65) concession                                     £12.00 
  • CTC – Observer                                                                            £15.00   
  • OTC – Observer                                                                            £ 20.00  
  • Summer Series,  Easy or Beginners Observer                         No Payment made




It was proposed that an entry fee reduction be made for members wishing to pay for a full “series” at the start of a season. For example, the one-off entry Club Championship fee would be £100.00 instead of £120.00, a saving of £20.00.


No refunds would be issued for missed events.


Subject to demand we will put a process in place.


Events to Be held in 2019

 Club Championship    – 8 Rounds                      Mike Wiseman


Summer Series           - 6 Rounds                      Steve Earle      (Name of series to be confirmed)


Easy Trials                  - 4 Trials                        Andy Somerton


Open Trials                  - 5 Events                     Mike Wiseman


Practice Sessions            TBC               Ian Bird and Gareth Plews


Camping Weekends    2                                  Andrew Bryant

 The organiser of these events will contact members from the “Volunteers List” to solicit help for each event.

We are planning to hold two Camping Weekends at Cadnam, an informal weekend in May and a traditional themed weekend in July. The dates will be confirmed as soon as we have ACU approval.

Andrew Bryant offered to help manage the Camping weekends.

Dates for 2019

These will be uploaded to the website and circulated to members when confirmed.

Venues for 2019

All existing venues will be used for the 2019 season.

We will develop further sections at Oakridge Copse and have offers of assistance and machinery.

We will also organise a mechanical digger to “sharpen up” sections in the pit at Hut Hill.

Members are asked to look out for new land suitable for Trials that the Club can use.


It was debated whether we should use rider coaching facilities already available in the Centre or look at developing something within in the Club.

It was agreed that in the first instance we would solicit members to understand the actual demand for training and then agree the next steps.

There may also be an opportunity to provide some less formal coaching outside of ACU jurisdiction?

Members Communication

It was agreed that the primary method of communication tmembers will be through the Club Website.

This is location to go to first for information.

We will copy everything to Facebook as per current practice.

Analytics produced show that in the last year the website has had over 47k page views, with over 5k visits to the events and results pages.


The Club has a Privacy Policy (On website) and confirms that members personal details are not shared with any third party.

Entry forms will be destroyed after results are uploaded, except in the case where any injury, damage or claim is reported.

In this situation documents will be sent to the ACU in Rugby.


As in previous years the lack of observers is a problem.

Self marking is not ideal, but in the absence of volunteers it is what we must accept.

All we need is for every member to observe or provide an observer at just one trial each year.

One suggestion made is that in future we will nominate volunteer observers to sections that really do need an observer rather than say “just pick a section”. Simple idea, but a very good suggestion.

Awards Presentation

The annual Awards Presentation, incorporating the presentation of the Southern Centre Trials awards, is being held on the 9th February at the Roddington Forge Music Club. Invitations will be issued in November.

The awards will be sourced from Trophyman in Southampton.

We are planning to hire a “Disco” or whatever they are called these days, this year to enable guest more time to socialise with quieter music, but there will be a “session” for the last hour or so.

Quieter music was a request from some young members!

Quiz Night

The Club will be holding a Quiz and Social Evening in March or April. Further details will be posted ASAP.

There will be other social events held later in the year.

Summary of other agreed actions

Youth riders will be invited to help with the marking out of sections for experience and inclusion.

Ian Bird will continue to compile the Club Championship tables

It was agreed that the Club will run an “Electric Bike Trial” Possibly at Cadnam.

Sam’s Catering will be our caterer for 2019. Members are asked to support Sam by purchasing at least a coffee. It would be a shame to have no regular caterer

Charity Trial 10th November – Ian Ballard – Marking out on Friday 9th.

Oakridge Copse – Section construction day in early November – Date TBA

Championship – R7 Championship 25th November. COC Gary Blackmore

Championship – R8 9th December. Turkey and Tinsel Trial with fancy dress. COC Mike Wiseman

Dick Hoyles – 31st December – COC Bill Latham


Annual Event Entry forms are proposed to save the need of filling in all personal details at every trial. However, the disclaimer section will need to be signed at each Trial.


Dates of Club Committee meetings will be circulated, and all members will be invited to join the meeting to discuss issues or to get involved with specific activities or events.


Pete Brown has confirmed that he will store the Load Lugger for the next 12 months.


Mike Wiseman


24 October 2018