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Our Next Event

The Waltham Chase AGM was held yesterday with 25 members attending.

The minutes from the AGM will be uploaded to the Website within the next couple of days.

One topic discussed was “Rider Coaching”; If we organised a coaching session at Hut Hill would you attend. The fee would be circa £25.00 - £0 for one days training.

Just establishing what the demand would be.

When replying please confirm:

Youth/ Adult and Beginner/ Novice rider.


Mike Wiseman


ACU Affiliation 2019

We now have the “magic numbers” available to enable you to obtain your 2019 ACU Competition Licence.

To obtain you need to download a Waltham Chase Club Membership form from www.walthamchasetrials.co.uk or pick one up at any Trial.

Post the completed form to the address shown and we will send you a 2019 Waltham Chase Club Membership Card with the “magic number” shown on the reverse.

You can then go online and order your 2019 Competition Licence.

For 2019 the Licence has increased to £12.00.

Make sure you click on to the option that asks for your 9-digit code – the “Magic Number”

I have just been on line and renewed my licence for 2019, it takes less than three minutes to complete the process.